RGB Cables, time to try

So, I finally took some time to build myself an RGB cable for my sega genesis/Mega Drive.
I now have nice sharp picture in full color @ 60Hz (I have a PAL console, since I live in the Netherlands)

Today was the day I took some time to test it, and play a nice little game of Columns.
I started the game at about 1.00 PM, and I just finished it…… :BLUSH:

See the photo’s below to see the nice sharp images that comes out of my Genesis/Mega Drive.
and yes….I know it’s an insane score, which could have been a lot higher…..but I was done with the game.

here’s close-up shot 1:

Here’s the same thing, but now a full photo of my tv screen:

Here’s a close-up of my final score:

I made tis RGB cable after doing the same for the Atari 1040STf I was given, which doesn’t have a composite signal.
I noticed the picture was sharp as hell, and since my Genesis could output RGB, I decided to build a cable for that as well.
See the AtariST shots:

The next picture was on a CRT tv in the bedroom

Now I am gonna find out what other consoles and home computer I have, that can do RGB….and I am gonna build the cables as well

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more Arduino TV-OUT….GAMING

Hey people,

As stated earlier today, I was playing around with the Arduino TV-OUT library.
I did a BASIC demo and posted it this morning, but now I wanted to take it one step further.

My friend GertK/KGE made a pong game on the LPC800 platform, and I took his code and ported that to the Arduino.
Here’s a video of the thing in play:

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Arduino TV out

Hey people,

This morning I was playing around with the arduino tv-out library and I thought to myself…
Why not make a nice demo where some weird basic is loading something.

the demo turned out pretty cool, so I decided to go further from here.
I want to add either a blinking or static cursor, a keyboard input, (micro)sd-card access and some external RAM.

The demo can be found here:

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Not much done….

Hey people….

A lot of time gone by….but no updates.
I have been so busy with work and stuff, I didn’t have much time to do anything.

I did manage to get hold of a FamiClone and this weekend, I will be getting my hands on a Super Famicom.
First thing I will do is disable it’s CIC so I can play import (european and US) games :)

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Rom burner package…best thing I’ve bought!!!


You read about the previous 2 posts about my DATA IO CHIPLAB DIP-48 programmer, now it’s time for a hands on.
I installed the software that came with it on a 3,5″ floppydisk.
Target machine was an old Toshiba 1910 laptop, running a 486 CPU @ 33MHz and os-es are DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.11.

After I installed the software, I rebooted the pc (which was stated in the programmer’s manual to do after the installation was finished) and started the software.
The thing tried contacting the programmer and succeeded doing that.
After that it did a self-teston my the programmer, and all tests ended with a PASS on screen!!

so after the tests I ran through the menu’s and in the DEVICE menu, I saw a SELECT DEVICE option.
I selected that option, which resulted in a popup box where I could select what rom I wanted to read/write.
I grabbed a 2732A eprom from my box, selected that in the software and put the eprom in my programmer the way it was stated in the manual.
then I went back to the DEVICE menu and selected READ DEVICE.

the programmer made a little “clicking” sound and started reading my rom…. it is actually working !!
After reading the eprom (contained my own colecovision game, was put on there by a friend of mine..thanks Gertk ;) ) I saved the content to a absolute binary file and transfered it to my desktop pc.
I loaded up the binary in a colecovision emulator and it actually booted!!
How wonderfull!!!

Next step was to burn something on an eprom.
I found an empty 27c256 eprom (verified that by doing the BLANK CHECK in the DEVICE menu) and tried burning it.
I had read another 27c256 eprom, which GertK burned for me, containing a multi-kernel for my Commodore C64c.
After reading tat rom and saving the absolute binary, I tried burning that to the empty eprom….it worked. CRC check was the same as the pre-burned eprom, so it should work.

I did all this last Thursday evening and after doing that I decided to go to bed.

Today I wanted to check the UV eraser, and I did.
I grabbed my box of eproms I had, read all of them in my programmer, nothing special there….
So I hooked up my UV eraser and wiped all of them.
The UV eraser is one the previous owner had build himself, but I must say hey did a good job, cause it works like a charm.
I have a bunch blank 27C256, 2 27C512, 1 27C010 and a couple of 2732 and 2764′s now :D
But I wasn’t satisfied yet.
I had a couple of old PC bios eeproms which according to a website were supported by my programmer, but I couldn’t find them in the Chiplab software….
The same website that stated they were compatible contained a later version of the software in floppy image format (I ran 1.50, the website contained version 2.60), so I downloaded that and put it on floppies…..it was the windows version of the software.

So I started up windows 3.11 and installed the software.
First boot of the software ran a configuration, did the same selftest and there I was.
Same menu’s, same options, but…..looking at the SELECT DEVICE menu, I saw a whole bunch of new chips which I didn’t see in the 1.50 version.
PAL chips, GAL chips, PLD’s PIC Micro’s and…. my EEPROMS!!!
I selected one of those eeproms, put the one I selected in the programmer and read it. THAT WORKED!!
After reading it, I erased it and took the other eeprom and did the same…

I now have a “CHIPLAB” (as the device states) and am ready to do some repro/devcart stuff with it :D

How wonderfull!!!

p.s. writing this post reminds me I still have one 27C256 eprom to erase….the multi-kernel rom I burned as a test.
something to do in the morning.

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Rom burner came in!

Hey people!!!

The Chiplab DIP48-1 came in today!!
Looking at the documentation learned me it’s much more than “just” an eprom programmer!!
It programs eproms, eeproms, PLD’s, PAL chips, CPLD and even some 16xx and a few 17xx series PIC Microcontrollers !!

The deal included a UV eraser and some eproms (mostly 4k and 8k ones).
The coolest eprom in there isn’t very usefull, but it is a jewel to watch… a 2k ceramic gold eprom!!!

I am gonna test the device this weekend!
A licensed HAMRADIO friend I know want to mod his Condor16 VHF tranceiver with a custom rom (rom made by PA4DEN)
Gonna erase a 64k eprom I have and put the custom rom on there.

to be continued

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Playing around with a salvaged 2×16 LCD

Ok, so now I was just playing around….

I salvaged a display from some broken device.
I couldn’t wait to get the thing to display my text and take input from me.

I recreated a BASIC/READY prompt from the (by me) beloved C64/C128/C16/other basic driven home computers.

It takes input from my arduino’s serial monitor, but I plan on making it take a PS2 keyboard input and from there on build a simple basic computer.

take a look at it here.

more video’s will follow

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A new piece of hardware added to the collection

I finally got hold of an eprom programmer and a UV eraser.
The programmer comes in it’s original box with software, cable, PSU and the original documentation.

The guy getting rid of it, also decided to throw some eproms in the deal :D

Really cool!!

This is the thing:
eprom burner

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PC Based Arcade cabinets – The horror continues

So I finally got hold of a working geforce2 MX card and tried to boot the game…. no luck

The MegaJAMMA lpt board does some handshaking.
So now I have to find out what it does and how it’s done.
More work to be done…

Keep you guys updated…

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PC Based Arcade Cabinets – Minor setback

So…the GeForce2 card I picked up turned out to be NOT WORKING!!! :(

That’s a damn shame, but will try to pick up another one….

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